What Do Resorts in the Algarve Have to Offer?

If you are planning a trip to the Algarve, you will quickly realise just how many types of accommodation there are to choose from. You could choose to rent a villa or an apartment, or to stay in a hotel close to the beach. For a lot of people, it’s the resorts that offer the most for their money. Though staying in a resort can sometimes be more expensive than staying at a standard hotel or apartment in the Algarve, they tend to offer a lot more in terms of facilities and amenities. Below, we have taken a look at what you can expect from resorts in the Algarve.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Resorts in the Algarve

If you haven’t stayed at a resort before – or perhaps you have stayed at one elsewhere, but not in the Algarve – you might be wondering what you can expect. You might be wondering what facilities you can enjoy and how much the resort will take care of. Here are eight things a Portuguese resort has to offer.

  • Close Proximity to the Beach – There is no shortage of resorts to choose from in the Algarve, and many of them are close to the beach. This means you can wander to the beach as much as you like. If you feel like a beach day, you can head over there and enjoy a day in the sea without having to organise transport. A lot of the resorts are close enough to the beach that popping there for an hour or two is quick and convenient.
  • Large Swimming Pools – There is nothing better than plunging yourself into a swimming pool when it’s hot, and the resorts in the Algarve are ideal for this. A lot of them have large swimming areas for guests to enjoy, and many have separate swimming pools for children. Though a lot of private villas have swimming pools, these are generally smaller.
  • Restaurants Serving Local Cuisine – If you stay in one of the larger resorts, you will have an array of dishes to choose from. This is a good way to sample local cuisine and popular Portuguese dishes, without having to venture into the closest town. A lot of the resorts in the Algarve have high quality restaurants, most of which cater to families and children.
  • Tourist Information – If you are travelling to the Algarve for the first time, you will probably need some information about the local area. Instead of venturing to a tourist information centre, you can ask someone at the resort. A lot of resorts have staff who are dedicated to booking trips, organising excursions and offering advice about what to do in the local area.
  • Activities and Kids Clubs – A lot of the resorts in the Algarve provide activities and kids clubs for guests, meaning there is no risk of you being bored or stuck for something to do. The type of activities available depends on the specific resort, as each one offers something slightly different. You are also likely to find evening entertainment at most of the resorts.
  • Luxurious Accommodation – Though there are a lot of accommodation options in the Algarve, a lot of the luxury accommodation is part of a resort. If you are someone who likes to stay in a comfortable and luxurious room, a resort is where you will likely find what you are looking for. Of course, there are many budget friendly resorts available also.
  • Airport Transfers – Unless you are hiring a car, getting to and from the airport can be complicated. Not only do you need to find a way to get from the airport to wherever you are staying in the Algarve, you will have to organise getting back too. With a resort, you might have the chance to book airport transfers. A lot of resorts in the Algarve will organise transport for you, which gives you one less thing to worry about.
  • A Variety of Other Holidaymakers – With so many other guests enjoying the same resort, there’s a lot of opportunity to meet other holidaymakers. Whereas a villa or apartment could see you keeping yourself to yourself, a resort ensures you are part of the action. This is ideal if you or your children want to make holiday friends.

As you can see, a resort in the Algarve tends to provide a lot more than a hotel, apartment or villa. This is because resorts are designed to provide everything you need for an enjoyable, fun and successful holiday. The point of a resort is to make your holiday as simple, straightforward and convenient as possible. You can arrive at the resort, sit back and relax until it’s time to go home again. This isn’t something that happens in the same way when you choose another type of accommodation.

Is a Resort Holiday in the Algarve Right for You?

There are a lot of holiday options when you head to Portugal but, for many people, a resort holiday in the Algarve is the trip of choice. This is because resorts in the Algarve have a lot to offer and they appeal to a varied market, meaning there is something for the majority of tourists. Whether you are travelling as a couple or as a family, a resort in the Algarve is likely to tick a lot of your boxes.

If you are looking for a holiday where everything is taken care of for you, a resort holiday in the Algarve might be the best choice. There is no need to venture off to various restaurants or cook yourself breakfast, as that is all taken care of. Everything you need – whether that be a swimming pool, kids club, meal or sunbathing spot – is taken care of by the resort. Though self catering accommodation options provide flexibility and privacy, a resort takes care of a lot of things so you don’t have to.

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