Faro vs. Lagos: Where Should You Stay?

There is no denying that Portugal is a hotspot for holidaymakers, with the majority of travellers heading to the popular Algarve region of the country. The Algarve is where you will find some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, glistening blue seas, restaurants serving delicious food and a wide variety of accommodation options. Simply, the Algarve … Read more

How Long Should You Spend in the Algarve?

If you are thinking about holidaying in the Algarve, you need to think about how long you would like to stay for. There is a lot of information online about how long you should spend in the Algarve, with people recommending anything from three days to two weeks. The fact of the matter is, deciding … Read more

5 Tips For Planning Your Perfect Algarve Holiday

There is nothing more exciting than counting down the days until you go on holiday. It’s exciting to think about spending time at the beach, eating delicious local dishes and relaxing in the sun. However, before that is possible, you need to conquer the planning stage. It’s easy to dread the planning of a holiday, … Read more