Don’t Forget to Book These Holiday Extras

Planning a holiday can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, with so many details to consider and decisions to make. One aspect of holiday planning that can often be overlooked is booking holiday extras. These are additional services or experiences that can make your holiday more enjoyable and stress free. Though the important parts of a holiday are probably already taken care of – this includes flights, accommodation and transport – there are always ways to give your trip an extra boost. In this blog, we will discuss some of the holiday extras that you should consider booking for your next trip.

Holiday Extras That Are Actually Worth Booking

Airport Parking – If you are planning to drive to the airport, booking airport parking in advance can save you a lot of time and money. There are several options available, including on-site parking, off-site parking, and meet-and-greet services. On-site parking is the most convenient but also the most expensive option, while off-site parking can be cheaper but may require a shuttle bus transfer. Meet-and-greet services involve dropping off your car at the airport terminal and having it parked for you, which can be a great option for those with mobility issues or a lot of luggage. A lot of people leave airport parking until the last minute, but you could end up paying more or not being able to find a space.

Airport Lounge Access – If you want to start your holiday in style, booking airport lounge access is a great option. Airport lounges offer a peaceful and comfortable environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main airport terminal, with complimentary food and drinks, free WiFi, and comfortable seating. Lounge access is usually available for a fee or can be included with certain airline tickets or credit card benefits. Though airports are full of shops and restaurants, lounge access really gets your holiday started in style. It’s a way to escape the crowds of the terminal, whilst you unwind and get into holiday mode.

Travel Insurance – Travel insurance is an essential holiday extra that should not be overlooked. It can provide peace of mind and financial protection in case of unexpected events such as illness, accidents, or travel disruptions. Travel insurance policies vary in coverage and price, so it’s important to research and compare different options to find the best one for your needs. Though it’s likely that you won’t need to use your travel insurance, it’s a big risk to take if you don’t get any. If your luggage is lost or your accommodation is cancelled, you will need travel insurance to cover the costs of making other arrangements.

Airport Transfers – Booking airport transfers in advance can save you time and hassle upon arrival at your destination. Transfer options include taxis, shuttle buses, and private car services. Private car services can be the most expensive but offer the most comfort and convenience, while shuttle buses can be the cheapest option but may require waiting for other passengers. It’s always a good idea to organise your airport transfers ahead of time, as you can land and come out of the airport, knowing that you have a guaranteed way of getting from A to B.

Excursions and Activities – Booking excursions and activities in advance can help you make the most of your holiday and avoid disappointment due to availability or long queues. Excursion options vary depending on your destination and interests, from sightseeing tours to adventure activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, or zip-lining. Many excursion providers offer discounts for advance bookings, so it’s worth researching and booking ahead of time. Though you can book these things once you have arrived, you run the risk of them being sold out or more expensive.

Car Hire – If you plan to explore your destination at your own pace, booking car hire in advance can be a great option. Car hire companies offer a range of vehicles and prices, from budget options to luxury cars. It’s important to research and compare different car hire providers to find the best deal and ensure that the rental agreement includes all necessary fees and insurance. You don’t want to end up spending more than you need to on car hire.

Hotel Upgrades – If you want to add a touch of luxury to your holiday, booking hotel upgrades such as room upgrades, spa treatments, or dining packages can be a great option. Many hotels offer these extras for an additional fee, and they can be a great way to enhance your holiday experience and create unforgettable memories. There are a lot of hotel upgrades for you to enjoy, most of which can be organised once you have arrived and checked in. They’re the ideal way to transform a standard hotel experience into an unforgettable one.

In conclusion, booking holiday extras can make your holiday more enjoyable and stress free. From airport parking and lounge access to travel insurance and excursion bookings, there are many options to consider. By researching and booking these extras in advance, you can save time and money, and create a memorable and enjoyable holiday experience. Though holiday extras are by no means essential, they really can have a positive impact on your holiday. If you have the budget to spare, look into which holiday extras are relevant to your trip. Though travel insurance should take priority, hotel upgrades are hugely exciting.

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