Visiting The Algarve? Here Is The Ideal Time To Go

Portugal, as you are sure to know, is a warm and sunny country. It’s what draws in thousands, if not millions, of visitors each and every year. With hot weather and beautiful beaches, deciding on Portugal as a holiday destination is easy – especially the Algarve in the south of the country, which has some of the top beaches in Europe and incredible weather during the summer months. However, there are better times to visit the Algarve than others. If you want to know when the ideal time to visit the Algarve is, keep reading.

Is The Algarve Warm Throughout The Year?

Though you are unlikely to be faced with snow and ice, as you would be closer to home, that’s not to say that the Algarve experiences warm temperatures year round. In fact, there are some months that are somewhat colder than you may think. For example, the average temperature for Portugal is between 14 and 17 degrees celsius between January and March. This may be warmer than the UK, but it’s not quite beach weather. Similar temperatures can be expected between October and December, but the sunshine and blue skies might be enough to convince you to pack a jumper and visit.

When is the Weather in the Algarve the Best?

If you want to visit the Algarve when the weather is at its best, head there between May and September. This is when you can expect sunshine, blue skies, hot days and warm nights. Though it’s impossible to guarantee a holiday without any rain, between May and September is when you are less likely to be faced with lots of rainy days and downpours. During this time, temperatures range from anywhere between 20 degrees celsius and 27 degrees celsius; it’s not uncommon for temperatures to exceed this, but the majority of days have a temperature which sits comfortably between these two. The summer months are when you can go to the Algarve and enjoy beach weather, late nights sitting outside and the temperatures needed to top up your tan. If you go outside of these times, you are likely to notice considerably cooler temperatures.

Of course, winter in Portugal is not as cold as it is in the UK. This is why some holidaymakers head to the Algarve around the Christmas and Easter school holidays. Though it’s unlikely to be scorching hot, it will likely be warmer than most of Europe. Therefore, it’s a destination that’s worth considering for a bit of winter sun.

Things to Remember if You Are Visiting the Algarve in the Summer

When you visit the Algarve in the summer, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, temperatures in the Algarve can reach the high twenties. Though this is not as warm as some places, it’s hot enough to take precautions. This is why sun cream, hats, hot water and shade are all vital to enjoying the summer in Portugal. If you are travelling with children, you can keep them comfortable by avoiding going out in the hottest parts of the day. Water parks in the Algarve are extremely popular, as they are a great way to cool down on a hot day whilst still having fun.

Does it Rain in the Algarve?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that going to the Algarve in the summer means no chance of rain. Though rain is less likely than in the summer months, it’s always helpful to plan for a rainy day. A lot of the attractions and things to do in the Algarve are outside, but there are certainly things to do if the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you have a rainy day, it’s not the end of the world and all is not lost. For example, you could head to a museum or a shopping mall. You could go souvenir shopping, head to an indoor swimming pool or explore the local towns with an umbrella.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Algarve?

As you have probably gathered from the information given above, the best time to visit the Algarve is between May and September. This coincides with a lot of school holidays, making it an obvious choice for families. This is also when the majority of festivals and events will be held. You can visit the Algarve between May and September, knowing that there is a good chance of sunshine and heat.

Of course, this does mean that the Algarve is busy in the summer but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a wonderful holiday. Though it’s when the majority of tourists visit the region, it’s large enough to remain uncrowded and relaxing. With so many beaches and attractions, it’s not often that the Algarve feels too busy. As long as you book popular restaurants ahead of time and don’t organise day trips at the last minute, the summer crowds shouldn’t bother you and they certainly shouldn’t impact your trip.

There are a lot of accommodation options in the Algarve, and the popular ones do get booked up in advance. So, it’s a good idea to look into your options and make a selection as soon as you have booked flights. Hotels, villas, B&Bs, apartments, caravans, camping, resorts and glamping are all open throughout the year. You will always have an excellent selection of accommodation, regardless of when you visit. But, you are likely to get more out of the facilities if you visit during the summer. After all, does anyone want to jump into a cold pool in the middle of December.

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