Top Tips For Visiting The Algarve With Children

There are few things as exciting as planning a family holiday. This doesn’t solely mean picking the destination and when to travel, it means planning activities and excursions for your time away. When you head to the Algarve, you won’t find yourself short of things to see and do. This is why it’s such a popular holiday destination, especially for those with children and teenagers.

As is the case whenever you go on holiday with children, doing some research before you go is key. Not only will this highlight the top things to do for young ones, but it will help you to choose a specific area that caters to families. Luckily, the Algarve does just that. Wherever you go in the Algarve, you will find enough to keep you all entertained for a week or two.

Heading to The Algarve with Children? Here are 4 Top Tips

There is no denying that Portugal is a popular holiday destination for families, ranging from parents with young children to those with teenagers. This is because there are lots of activities to keep children entertained, it’s easy to travel to and the weather is glorious throughout the summer months. However, as is often the case when travelling with children, there are a few key things to remember. Here are four top tips for visiting the Algarve with children.

  • Plan for Hot Weather – During the summer months, temperatures in the Algarve can reach the high twenties. Though this is certainly a lot cooler than some holiday destinations, it’s still hot and sunny. This is why you need to plan for hot weather when visiting the area with children. This means bringing a hat and lots of sun cream with you, as well as lots of water, when you are out and about. You can also keep children comfortable in the heat by avoiding going out in the hottest parts of the day and purposely choosing destinations that are shaded.
  • Have a Plan B for Rainy Days – There is very little rainfall in the Algarve, but that’s not to say that the weather will always cooperate. A lot of what the Algarve has to offer is outside, such as beautiful beaches and cultural towns. This means a rainy day can very quickly ruin a plan, which is why having a Plan B is always recommended. You could visit a museum, go souvenir shopping, try an escape room or head to an indoor swimming pool.
  • Bring Table Games – There is no shortage of restaurant choices in the Algarve, which means you can enjoy a delicious meal somewhere different every night. However, this can become tiresome for children, especially younger children who are easily distracted and bored. To ensure you enjoy some of Portugal’s top dishes and wine, bring table games with you. Things like card games and colouring in are ideal for keeping children busy, allowing you to relax and soak up the atmosphere.
  • Have a Rough Itinerary – Though you don’t need to have a detailed plan of what you are going to do each day, having a rough itinerary is helpful when you are visiting the Algarve with children. Not only does it help to ensure that you have time to do everything – after all, you don’t want to head home having missed out on a water park day or run out of time for a specific excursion – but it gives your children something to look forward to each day. It’s a good way to get everyone excited for the trip, but with enough flexibility to change plans should you need to.
  • Choose Child Friendly Accommodation – There are a lot of accommodation options in the Algarve, which means that there is something for everyone. As a family, you will have a lot of choice and finding somewhere child friendly to stay is easy. There are a number of hotels that have been designed with families in mind, many of which boast swimming pools and kids’ clubs. There are also villas and apartments to rent, which may suit you better if you want additional space for your children to play and roam. If you are a family that enjoys being outdoors, you might want to consider a campsite.

As you can see, with careful planning and by picking the right type of accommodation, heading to the Algarve with children is easy. It doesn’t need to be stressful, as is the case with some holiday destinations, or complex. By picking the Algarve, you are choosing a holiday destination that is set up perfectly for families and children of all ages. Wherever you go in the Algarve, you won’t be disappointed.

The Best Time to Visit the Algarve with Children

Though there is no right or wrong time to visit the Algarve with children, there are certainly some months that are better than others. During May and September, you will find that the weather is, what most people would say, the best. This means days at the beach, hours spent in the pool and enjoyable day trips are all possible. You won’t have to worry too much about the rain, cold or wind.

As is the case anywhere, there is always the risk of rain and cooler days in Portugal, but the Algarve is generally warm and sunny between May and September. The climate in Portugal’s Algarve region is mild all year round, but it does get hot and humid during the summer months. This is why it’s such a popular time to visit, and the fact it lines up with school holidays. The best way to deal with this heat is to spend time by the coast, where it will be cooler.

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