The Benefits of Avoiding the School Holidays When You Visit the Algarve

If you have children who are school aged, you might find yourself somewhat limited in regards to when you can go on holiday. You are likely going to be bound by school holidays, which can be an expensive time of year to travel. If you don’t have children, or your children are not quite old enough to go to school, you have the benefit of avoiding the school holidays. This is especially beneficial if you are going to the Algarve, as there are a lot of advantages that come with travelling at other times of the year.

The Algarve, located in the south region of Portugal, is a popular destination for families during the school holidays. However, if you’re looking for a more peaceful and affordable holiday, you may want to consider visiting outside of these peak times. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of avoiding the school holidays when you visit the Algarve.

Reasons to Visit the Algarve Outside of School Holidays

There are a lot of reasons to visit the Algarve outside of school holidays, some of which we have listed below.

Avoid the Crowds – One of the main benefits of avoiding the school holidays is that you’ll be able to avoid the crowds. During the summer months, the Algarve can get extremely busy, with crowds of tourists flocking to the beaches and attractions. This can make it difficult to find a quiet spot to relax or to explore the region’s sights and sounds at your own pace. By visiting outside of the school holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing vacation. You’ll have more space to explore the beaches, towns, and attractions without feeling crowded or rushed. This can make for a more enjoyable and fulfilling vacation experience.

Enjoy Lower Prices – Another benefit of avoiding the school holidays is that you’ll be able to enjoy lower prices. During the peak tourist season, prices for flights, accommodation, and activities can be significantly higher. By visiting outside of these times, you’ll be able to take advantage of lower prices and better deals. You may also find that restaurants, bars, and shops offer discounts and promotions to attract visitors during the off peak season. This can help you to stretch your budget further and enjoy more of what the Algarve has to offer.

Experience the Local Culture – Visiting the Algarve outside of the school holidays can also give you a better opportunity to experience the local culture. During the summer months, many visitors stick to the tourist areas and attractions, and it can be difficult to get a sense of the region’s true identity. By visiting outside of these times, you’ll be able to explore the local towns and villages, meet the locals, and experience the region’s traditions and customs. You may also find that there are more cultural events and festivals taking place during the off-peak season, providing a unique and authentic experience.

Enjoy Better Weather – While the weather in the Algarve is generally pleasant all year round, visiting outside of the school holidays can give you the best chance of enjoying good weather. During the summer months, temperatures can soar, and the beaches can get crowded. By visiting in the spring or autumn, you’ll be able to enjoy milder temperatures and quieter beaches. The winter months can also be a good time to visit, with cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. However, it’s worth noting that some attractions and businesses may be closed during this time.

Have More Flexibility – Visiting the Algarve outside of the school holidays can also give you more flexibility with your travel plans. You’ll have more options for flights, accommodation, and activities, and you won’t need to book as far in advance. This can give you more freedom to plan your vacation around your own schedule and preferences, without having to worry about peak season availability or prices.

Go For Longer – When the cost of your holiday is reduced, you might find that you can go to the Algarve for longer. Instead of going for a long weekend or one week, you could try to stretch it out and go for ten days or two weeks. This will allow you to get more out of the Algarve, and who doesn’t want to be on holiday for longer than they initially planned? This isn’t always an option if you travel during school holidays, as the prices are often too high.

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that travelling during the school holidays gives you more options, but this isn’t always the case. If you avoid the school holidays when you visit the Algarve, you might actually find that you have more to choose from in terms of flights and accommodation. Though it’s unlikely that more flights will be available, it’s much more likely that they will sell out. This is also the case with accommodation; with fewer people travelling to the Algarve outside of school holidays, you will have less competition for the best hotels and villas. Unless you have to travel during school holidays – for example, if you have school aged children that can’t be taken away during term time – it’s definitely worth looking into visiting Portugal before the schools break up. This makes June one of the best months to visit the Algarve, as the weather is gorgeous and schools haven’t started their holidays yet.

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