Faro vs. Lagos: Where Should You Stay?

There is no denying that Portugal is a hotspot for holidaymakers, with the majority of travellers heading to the popular Algarve region of the country. The Algarve is where you will find some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, glistening blue seas, restaurants serving delicious food and a wide variety of accommodation options. Simply, the Algarve has something for everyone.

Regardless of the type of holiday you are looking for, you will find that the Algarve ticks a lot of your boxes. It has great weather, a lot of local attractions and tonnes of day trips to enjoy. However, as the Algarve is a relatively large region, you will need to narrow down your options of where to stay. Otherwise, you could find yourself booking an apartment or hotel in the middle of nowhere. Though there are a lot of holiday areas in the Algarve, Faro and Lagos continue to be two of the most popular places. You will find a variety of tourists heading to Faro and Lagos every year, and this blog will explain why. Plus, we will help you decide on which area is best for you and your travelling companions.

What Does Faro Have to Offer?

As the capital of the Algarve, Faro has a lot to offer. It’s located on the southernmost tip of the region, and it’s where the main airport is. A lot of holidaymakers arrive into Faro airport and immediately depart, on their way to the coastal towns and villages dotted throughout the region. However, there is a lot to see and do in Faro. Those who spend some time in Faro, are greeted by a city that’s extremely varied. For example, Faro has a tonne of historic areas and you can see a lot of traditional, authentic and classic things. If you want to see the ‘real’ Portugal, Faro is a good place to start.

There is some impressive architecture in Faro, as well as cobbled streets and an Old Town. Saying that, Faro isn’t simply a city. There is also a lot of scenery, a marina and a number of beautiful beaches. It’s a city that provides you with shopping areas and nightlife, as well as relaxing days at the beach and turquoise water. The difference between the downtown areas of Faro and the coastal areas are noticeable, but that does mean you can see a little bit of everything.

What Can You Expect From Lagos?

Located about 50 miles west of Faro, you will find Lagos. Lagos is a very popular tourist destination, and it draws in thousands of holidaymakers each year. It used to be the capital of the Algarve, and it has certainly kept a bustling city vibe. This has given Lagos a unique and one of a kind history, one that is uncommon for other places in Portugal.

When you are exploring Lagos, you will see the impressive cliffs that overlook the turquoise sea. There are also a number of secluded, relaxing and tranquil beaches. Within minutes of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city centre, you can be somewhere completely different. This is one of the main selling points of Lagos, that it caters to every kind of holiday and every kind of holidaymaker.

Lagos also has all of the restaurants, bars and nightlife options that you would need. Whether you are heading to Portugal to party or you are more interested in peaceful dinners and trying the local cuisine, you won’t find yourself short of choice.

Which Area in the Algarve Should You Choose?

Deciding where to stay in the Algarve can be daunting, especially as there are so many popular holiday destinations in the region. After all, you don’t want to book somewhere only to later find it doesn’t provide exactly what you were looking for. One of the key things to remember with the Algarve, is that it’s hard to go wrong with choosing a place to stay. Though Lagos and Faro certainly have their differences, a lot of what they offer is similar. The same can also be said for Albufeira and Portimao, which are two other popular areas to stay during a holiday to the Algarve.

Regardless of whether you choose to stay in Faro or Lagos, you can enjoy a combination of the city life and the beach life. Both of these cities are located on the coast, which means you can quickly say goodbye to a busy city centre and hello to a beautiful, tranquil and calm Portuguese beach. This is a major benefit of Faro and Lagos, as deciding between the city and beach can be tough. When you choose either of these places, you have the chance to enjoy a little bit of everything.

There are a number of accommodation options in both Faro and Lagos, and the cost to stay in each is somewhat similar. There are luxurious resorts and hotels for those who have a large budget, and cheaper alternatives for those who are looking to save money. For a lot of people, staying in a private villa slightly outside of Faro or Lagos is the perfect way to enjoy everything the Algarve has to offer. However, others prefer to be in the middle of the action by staying in a central hotel. Whatever you choose, you will be spoilt for choice.

If you really want to see as much of the Algarve as possible, consider spending time in both Lagos and Faro. You could stay and base yourself in one, and then take a day trip to the other to explore. Alternatively, you could split your trip in two and spend an equal time in each. There are no right or wrong ways to enjoy the Algarve, and it’s all about planning a holiday that works for you. It really depends on on the key things you want to see and do in the region.

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